'Juice cleansing’ has finally been exposed as a bad habit.

Is Detoxification Junk Science?

These days, juice bars are everywhere, as are people who are on a ‘juice cleanse’. Drinking juice made from greens and fruit, these devotees believe they are taking in more nutrients, resting their digestive systems, and ridding their bodies of harmful ‘toxins’. The truth is that they are more likely to be riding a sugar ... Read more

Dopamine 101

Everybody’s talking about dopamine. Most of us associate dopamine with pleasure – or the slump we experience when we don’t feel it. But dopamine is much more than the lift you get when you IG post gets another like, or your sweetie hugs you, or you get another hit of your addiction. What is dopamine? ... Read more
In ancient Persian medicine, saffron was often used to treat ‘melancholy’.

Is this Precious Spice A Viable Alternative to Toxic Anti-Depressants?

Perhaps you or someone you love has experienced a period of depression. According to the World Health Organization: more than 300 million people are now living with depression, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015. The numbers in the United States might actually be higher. A study published in Pediatrics in 2016 ... Read more
1 in 3 women experience difficulty in achieving orgasm.

Anorgasmic Women – Is There A Solution To This Epidemic?

According to Planned Parenthood, 1 in 3 women experience difficulty in achieving orgasm. In fact, almost 10% of women have never had an orgasm. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot, but think of it this way: if the outbreak of a certain disease is responsible for more than 7.7% of deaths in a population ... Read more
What does cat poop have to do with starting your own business?

Don’t Eat Cat Poop, Take This Instead

Some recent research tells us that eating cat poop containing a deadly parasite may be a path to entrepreneurial success. WTF? According to a recent study at the University of Colorado, mice infected with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite become unafraid of cats. The parasite travels to the brains of the infected mice, causing them to ... Read more
GABA blocks impulses between nerve cells in the brain, slowing down activity.

GABA 101

There’s more and more talk about GABA these days. As we learn about the function of neurotransmitters in our brains – and bodies – it becomes very clear that GABA plays a major role in our health, overall. What is GABA? Gamma-aminobutyric acid is our chief inhibitory neurotransmitter. Its principal role is reducing neuronal excitability ... Read more
Multitasking of any kind reduces productivity as well as increases the rate of errors.

Everything You Know About Multitasking Is Wrong

We’re living in a world where almost everyone you speak to is busy with an important project, task, or long to-do list. But many are having trouble getting ahead. Claiming extremely long workdays, many say they have no time for self-care or to work out, no time for fun, and just ‘can’t do’ relationships due ... Read more
Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer and assists the body with multiple functions.

Serotonin 101

You’ve likely heard of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Sometimes referred to as the “calming chemical”, an increase in serotonin is thought to be the answer to many ailments; both mental and physical. But serotonin – and what it does – is a bit more complicated than we might think. What is serotonin? Serotonin is a compound, ... Read more
Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can have a devastating effect on our health overall.

If You Struggle With Depression You May Be Deficient in This Vitamin

Every once in a while, an ‘expert’ steps forward and claims that supplements do nothing for us but make ‘expensive urine’. In their opinion, spending any amount of money in an attempt to raise our level of wellness is simply flushed down the drain. There is some validity to this argument when it comes to ... Read more
Kigelia Africana can act as an aphrodisiac.

Is This Sausage-Shaped Fruit The Next Big Energy Booster?

If you’ve never heard of the Kigelia Africana tree, get ready to be amazed. This ancient – and potent – tree offers so many health benefits, it is showing up on more and more ingredient lists to treat a myriad of concerns. And scientific studies suggest it may also become the next big energy booster! ... Read more
Adults are experiencing more anxiety than ever before.

Dying To Treat Anxiety

According to the American Psychiatry Association, American adults are experiencing more anxiety than ever before. In a new study by the American Psychiatric Organization, 39% of those polled reported they were more anxious than they were at this time last year. Anxiety disorders affect 260 billion people worldwide, says the World Health Organization. And the ... Read more
Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on our bodies.

Sleep Crisis: It's Time To Get Real About Getting Enough Sleep

When we were little kids, staying up past our bedtimes was the ultimate life goal. As big people, we’re quick to sacrifice sleep in favor of working – and sometimes partying – into the wee hours. As we get older, lack of sleep can wreak havoc on our bodies – contributing to not only a ... Read more

Putting And End to Migraines – Once And For All

I’ve suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. As a small child, I’d stay home from school with what my mother referred to as the ‘stomach flu’. I’d grind my pounding head into the pillow on the couch in between bouts of vomiting and crying while watching talk shows and soap operas ... Read more

Why Do We Think Getting Drunk Is Fun?

Many people drink red wine ‘for the antioxidants’, beer to ‘unwind’, and hard alcohol ‘to relax’. Cracking open a bottle of wine, champagne, or scotch often means festivity and fun. Strangely, many of us don’t know – and would never even consider – how to celebrate without a bottle of something alcoholic. But alcohol affects ... Read more

“Ear Porn” (asmr) and how it can help you sleep. (nsfw)

***BEST IF YOU HAVE HEAD PHONES*** ASMR occurs in response to certain stimuli and has also been likened to a ‘head orgasm'. If you haven't yet heard of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), well, things are about to get weird. Defined as a “calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation”, ASMR occurs in ... Read more

Can Ancient Plant Medicine & Modern Science Raise Your Emotional IQ?

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and each day new advances within the digital space expand the potential for human knowledge and development. However, despite all of the technological advances we are making, it seems that with this same speed of connection, there is simultaneously a disconnection, as we are struggling with maintaining our ... Read more

Coffee lovers, lets get real. If its not enhanced caffeine, don't touch it.

If you can’t get going in the morning (or afternoon) without your latte, if you’re hooked on pre-workout to take you through your reps at the gym, or if you drink cup after cup of coffee and can’t remember the last time you had a glass of water, this article is for you. Caffeine. It ... Read more

This NETFLIX doc missed something important about ADHD

In a ideal world, the only people taking prescription stimulants would be those who have been diagnosed with ADHD. But as Netflix’s documentary ‘Take Your Pills’ shows us, not only is adderall prescribed to millions of children all over the United States, adults are using stimulants in record numbers to get ahead – whether they ... Read more

Do these 6 steps to never have a hangover again.

Ready for a dumb question? Ever notice how the day after you go on a booze bender you feel like death? Of course you have! It sucks! It literally, is one of the worst things ever to wake up with a gnarly hangover the morning after and take a (very, very short-lived) vow of sobriety. ... Read more

How to make the most of your BROCK experience!

BROCK is unlike any testosterone or male enhancement solution on the market today. Whether you’re 18 (and predisposed to low-testosterone) or 86 (and need more than supplemental testosterone and/or traditional sexual enhancement meds) BROCK improves your health and performance holistically. After 4 years of development and 3 years of testing early versions to thousands of ... Read more

How to make the most of your AVA experience!

AVA is designed to sustainably stimulate dopamine, serotonin and gaba production – which are essential neurotransmitters for a Positive Mood. AVA is a brand NEW, organically grown, plant-based EXTRA STRENGTH mood boosting supplement that supports emotional well being and personal development.  AVA stimulates dopamine, serotonin and gaba production resulting in heightened senses and love-filled moments ... Read more

How to make the most of your MARK experience!

GET READY TO SLAY YOUR DAY! First thing in the morning take one capsule with 6-8oz water, 2 EFA/Fish Oil capsules and a multivitamin. Wait 45-60 minutes to gauge your mental and physical response before taking a second one. Maximum 3 in 24 hours. Taking MARK during your morning meditation guarantees you will come out ... Read more

How to make the most of your SHEA experience!

With just 4 sprays of SHEA under the tongue (sublingual) you will get half a gram of pure, bioactive nutrients. SHEA acts on the Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and GABA receptors in a cyclical fashion, providing subtle waves of euphoric  and mood boosting experience. You can benefit from micro-dosing and adjust it to optimize your experience ... Read more

How to make the most of your CHLOE experience!

By using CHLOE, you can lift the mental fog that has plagued you for years. And, as the mental fog evaporates, your ability to think more clearly – while feeling calmer – will return. CHLOE will also let you experience your chosen nootropic – such as MARK or KATY – more intensely and effectively. If ... Read more

NOOTROPICS 101 – What's With The Vitamin E In My Supplements?

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, diet gurus preached the virtues of the fat-free diet. Because oils are so calorie dense, it was argued that if you cut out fat, you cut down calories. This, in theory, would keep down your weight. These days, we know that isn’t true. If you follow the Mediterranean, Bulletproof, or ... Read more

NOOTROPICS 201: More About The Cocoa Bean

As you know, Chocolate – and it’s source, the Cocoa Bean – contains a multitude of compounds that are good for you. We'll focus on three that have a substantial impact on mood: Theobromine, Phenylethylamine (or PEA), and Anandamide. Extract of Cocoa Bean, which you already know is in AVA, has an abundance of each. ... Read more

NOOTROPICS 101 – What is Vanuatu Root?

Vanuatu Root, named for a Pacific island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, is more commonly known as Kava, a plant that grows throughout the Western Pacific region. The root of the Kava plant, or Piper methysticum (which translates to ‘intoxicating pepper’), is typically used by cultures in these areas to make a tea ... Read more

NOOTROPICS 101 – Why Is Green Tea In My AVA?

If you’re already a fan of green tea, you probably weren’t surprised to see green tea extract on AVA’s list of ingredients. Green tea has always had a reputation of being ‘good for you’. But studies over the last two decades offer some firm scientific proof that consuming green tea – and its extract – ... Read more

NOOTROPICS 101 – Supplements, You Get What You Pay For

One of the things I’m very aware of, as someone who believes in – and takes a lot of – supplements, is this: you get what you pay for. There are so many vitamins, minerals, and protein powders on the market that can help us feel our best and experience peak health. And the competition ... Read more

NOOTROPICS 101: Why is Cocoa Bean Extract in my LIMITLESS SUPPLEMENTS?

It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t love chocolate, which is made from roasted cocoa beans. Whatever form it comes in, people all over the world are consuming more chocolate than you can imagine. In fact, in 2017, it is estimated that chocolate sales in the United States will reach about 22.4 billion U.S. dollars. ... Read more

Nootropics 101: What is Intellect Seed Extract?

Intellect Seed Extract comes from a seed grown on a tree called Celastrus paniculatus. Celastrus paniculatus is a woody liana, a plant with wood as its structural tissue and long-stemmed vines that are rooted in the soil at ground level. These vines use trees and other means of vertical support to climb up and get ... Read more

Eating for performance and fat loss. How to eat like an athlete and look like one, too.

Imagine the following scenario: a terrible fire in an office building. Everyone runs out to safety. Who is the last person out? The Bodybuilder. The beautiful physiques we see gracing the covers of fitness magazines, walking the stage in bodybuilding and bikini competitions, and promoting our favorite supplements are bodies many strive to attain. However, ... Read more

Meal Prep: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″] [et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] There are innumerable ways we prepare ourselves to achieve goals. We study for exams, we pack for our trips, we make plans for special events and holidays. We all prove to ourselves on a daily basis that planning in advance decreases our stress, makes us feel prepared, ... Read more

5 Magical Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Practicing Yoga routines provides a healthy foundation for staying fit and lowering stress. According to the American Institute of Stress, 73% of people in the United States regularly experience psychological symptoms related to stress. Besides the obvious contributions to flexibility and muscle tone, Yoga is linked to having a positive effect of decreasing stress on ... Read more