Don’t Eat Cat Poop, Take This Instead

Some recent research tells us that eating cat poop containing a deadly parasite may be a path to entrepreneurial success.


According to a recent study at the University of Colorado, mice infected with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite become unafraid of cats. The parasite travels to the brains of the infected mice, causing them to lose their innate fear of the smell of cat urine. As a result, the newly courageous mice get closer to the cats than they would normally. However, they are more likely to be eaten by the cats, which continues the lifecycle of the parasite.

So, what does this have to do with humans starting their own business? The study found, by testing attendees at a conference about how to start your own business, that 22% of them had antibodies to T. gondii, which means that these aspiring business owners had been infected at some point in the past.

The study concludes that people who are infected with T. gondii are likely to be less risk averse and more likely to strike out on their own. Essentially, being infected with the parasite that comes from cat poop could make you more likely to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Hard work and commitment lead to success.

However the study did not test levels of actual success so, don’t grab a fork on your way to the litter box yet. There are WAY easier ways to find success than eating cat poop, like hard work and commitment. But you’ve read that before. So, let’s talk about some weird and different things people have done to be successful.


We’re not talking about reading your daily horoscope on your fave gossip site. Although many roll their eyes about it, having your astrological chart done can tell you a lot about where you come from, and where you’re going. Vedic Astrology, for example, is an extremely complicated system that takes into account not only your personal chart, but your unique position in the universe overall.


The Hollywood Medium may be entertaining but the jury is still out. And sure, there’s that little storefront on your way to work advertising readings but you’re much too skeptical to drop a hundred bucks when you could spend it on a new pair of Tom’s. But there are thousands of people who have received undeniably correct messages through a psychic telling them what’s up in the future. Is it quantifiable and measurable? Nope. But if a Toronto area realtor with 100 million dollars in sales a year regularly uses a psychic as an advisor (according to Forbes), you might want to reconsider your doubts.

Many people frown upon marrying ‘up’.

Marrying for money

Many people frown upon marrying ‘up’ – and some of those who have done it will tell you that it was the biggest mistake they’ve ever made. Others will tell you it was the smartest investment of their entire life. According to Forbes, national statistics show women suffer far more economically than men when marriages fail. As they saying goes: “It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man/woman as a poor one”. But if you take economics into account in the beginning, and he leaves you for your younger assistant (like Martha Stewart’s first husband), you’ve already got the resources to start your own billion dollar business.


When Dave Chappelle walked away from Chappelle’s Show, millions of fans were stunned. How could he abandon such massive success? Well, it may have all been too much. Creativity requires time and space to flourish so that ideas can percolate. You don’t have to put on a cotton robe and move to the top of a mountain but many creatives and entrepreneurs have benefitted from taking some time away from the craziness to really connect with what it is they want. Whether you take an hour every day for meditation, or get into nature with just you and a tent, getting away from it all will get you closer to your goals.


If someone gave you a magic pill that could make you stronger, faster, and smarter, would you take it? For decades, athletes, entrepreneurs, and creatives have been taking supplements to enhance their daily grind. In fact, a company called Limitless Life has created a product line that promises to give you the energy and focus you need to slay, crush, and hustle using 99% organic, sustainably grown ingredients.


MARK is a scientifically developed stack of all-natural, plant-based, brain-enhancing nutritionals available in a capsule, spray and drink form. MARK offers the right balance of energy, focus, GABA, and dopamine – with the most potent nutrients and neurochemicals –  to keep you working deeply with no cognitive fatigue.

MARK offers the most potent nutrients to keep you working with no cognitive fatigue.

MARK increases your acetylcholine release within the neuron gap, resulting in increased wakefulness. MARK also acts as a mood enhancer via increased dopamine and GABA release, so you feel more energetic and inspired about your personal and professional goals. MARK starts to work in as little as 5 minutes and can keep you focused for up to 8 hours without the jitters, sweats, or anxiety you may have experienced with other performance enhancing products.

Nootropics are the secret weapon of the wildly successful, from Silicon Valley to the UFC. You know they’re getting results – so just imagine what MARK can do for you.

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