How to make the most of your BROCK experience!

BROCK is unlike any testosterone or male enhancement solution on the market today. Whether you’re 18 (and predisposed to low-testosterone) or 86 (and need more than supplemental testosterone and/or traditional sexual enhancement meds) BROCK improves your health and performance holistically.

After 4 years of development and 3 years of testing early versions to thousands of satisfied men, you can trust that BROCK is safe and natural while providing sustainable, repeatable results.

BROCK provides the optimum amount of testosterone for increasing muscle mass, restoring clarity and energy and enhancing performance and strength.


  • BROCK uses a combination of natural, tested, and safe extracts to ensure you experience no contraindications with heart medication and no aggravation of age-related issues.
  • BROCK increases testosterone in a safe, but radical way via enhanced conversion of cholesterol to testosterone, while protecting from estrogen byproducts.
  • BROCK uses the “stacked potentiation” effect to provide a dramatic improvement in both short and long-term physical and mental performance. Each nutrient enhances the next  and you stair-step your testosterone production, achieving the greatest natural levels possible.
  • BROCK improves blood flow without side effects. No red face. No low-blood-pressure weakness. It works on every area of your physiology, so you remain balanced.
  • BROCK signals the areas of the brain focused on testosterone and sex drive.
  • BROCK takes longer to achieve results – 4 to 6 hours for peak effect. However, it enhances hormones AND performance capacity for 5 to 7 days per oral cap.
  • BROCK works WITH your natural biochemistry to enhance testosterone sustainably. Oral and dermal patches and gels, as well as injected testosterone, actually trigger your body to produce LESS testosterone leaving you dependent on them.
  • BROCK has a very long half-life of 4 to 5 days. So the effective levels of Testosterone AND PDE5 enzyme breakdown (for stronger and longer lasting erections) last for a week or more. BROCK is effective for much longer than traditional meds.
  • BROCK works on every area of your physiology, so you remain balanced.
  • BROCK comes in TWO forms. An ingested capsule and a sublingual capsule.
  • The Oral BROCK capsules can be renewed with our fast-acting sublingual. This elevates the performance levels of the oral back to the levels you enjoy when it reaches peak potential, but without a shorter half-life. This is invaluable for athletes who want to perform without building aggression or other classic side effects of testosterone supplementation.
  • BROCK enhances your sex drive as well as your capacity to perform like a rock star in and out of bed. BROCK significantly enhances every aspect of the male masculinity safely, naturally and sustainably.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: BROCK IS NOT a capsule you take that lasts only a few hours. BROCK LASTS FOR DAYS and rebuilds your hormonal system and depleted testosterone levels.***

  1. INITIAL BOOST: One orally ingested BROCK taken 4-8 hours (up to 24 hours) prior to activity (training, recovering, sex).
  2. HIGH IMPACT BOOST: One orally ingested BROCK, followed by a Sublingual BROCK for enhanced testosterone output, and faster uptake (2-4 hours from dosing to optimum performance).
  3. ONE WEEK SUPER CHARGE: One orally ingested BROCK, followed by a Sublingual BROCK every day for 3 days, followed by a oral BROCK, for maintaining maximum testosterone levels, with increased sexual performance.
  4. MEGA DOSE: Two oral BROCK, separated by 2 hours, to preload testosterone and sexual performance for 5+ days. A single sublingual taken daily will support the hormone levels for 7-10 days.

For optimum results, cycle OFF Brock for 2-5 days every 5-7 days of dosing. This allows the body to naturally up regulate (produce more of) your natural testosterone production. It also reduces typical high-testosterone side effects like aggression or, in limited cases, acne.

Also, we can not stress enough YOU MUST WORK OUT while taking BROCK to get maximum results.

Be it running, weights, yoga or sports this is when you will see profound results with BROCK.

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We hope you experience a new level of strength, confidence, passion and purpose with BROCK!

All the best,

BROCK and the Krew.

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