How to make the most of your MARK experience!


First thing in the morning take one capsule with 6-8oz water, 2 EFA/Fish Oil capsules and a multivitamin. Wait 45-60 minutes to gauge your mental and physical response before taking a second one.

Maximum 3 in 24 hours.

Taking MARK during your morning meditation guarantees you will come out of it inspired and ready to perform.

Taking MARK after breakfast leverages the nutrients and calories to jump-start your day like nothing coffee could ever do.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Consult your health care practitioner if you have any negative health conditions, are on anti-depressants, antipsychotics or other mood-altering prescriptions prior to use. MARK will amplify MAO-a inhibitors.

You can take MARK every day. We have built it in a way so that your cells will be flushed properly and kept fresh meaning limiting toxic build up, so you will not build up tolerance.

You will also not become dependant or experience withdrawl.

Exercise will also enhance the action of MARK.

Other things you can do to make the most of MARK is:

1) How you slept the night before. Because the brain builds up toxins during the day, and detoxifies them in the evening, this is often one of the more critical factors.

2) Your current physical condition. Better is better. But we have plenty of sedentary writers and others who “sit for work” who really appreciate the brain charge.

3) MARK is best taken before 12 pm before or slightly after your first meal so your brain has extra nutrients to work with and so you have time in the day to maximize the exceptional focus you will experience.

Ideally taken with oil and a multivitamin, the nutrients in MARK will pass through the blood-brain barrier then in 20 minutes spark the brain to provide deep focus for a period of 8 hours.

Your motivation will increase as you find productivity comes easy. And yet, creativity is still easy to access. No “dumbing down” like classic ADD medications.

Consuming coffee in conjunction with a dose of MARK is both safe and an effective way of augmenting the health benefits of both the coffee and MARK.

While most people do prefer MARK alone, others enjoy the additive nootropic effects they experience when combining our products with potential cognitive-enhancers like coffee or tea.

It is simply a matter of preference.

No. Suppression of ANY physiological positive (technically called “down regulation”) is the exact opposite of how our products work.

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We hope you experience a new level of focus, productivity and creativity with MARK!

All the best,

MARK and the Krew.

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