How to make the most of your SHEA experience!

With just 4 sprays of SHEA under the tongue (sublingual) you will get half a gram of pure, bioactive nutrients.

SHEA acts on the Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and GABA receptors in a cyclical fashion, providing subtle waves of euphoric  and mood boosting experience. You can benefit from micro-dosing and adjust it to optimize your experience over any period of time.

SHEA bypasses the liver, going directly through the capillaries under the tongue resulting in the nootropics, nutrients, euphoric blend, choline donors and stimulants immediately go to work. No waiting. Within 3-5 minutes you get 50-60%% of the impact of Shea. Within 10 minutes you are at full mast.

Shea has very little tolerance buildup helping keep receptors in the brain from getting plugged or “down regulating” key neurotransmitters.

Each order of SHEA comes with 1 loaded sleek and sexy spray device with 1 refill cartridge. This is intended to be a 30 day supply.

A dosage is 4 sprays under the tongue which you can take all at once or broken up over the course of your day. This sublingual delivery makes it fast acting; SHEA enters the bloodstream immediately and lasts for two to three hours.

Do not exceed 8 sprays (one pump of the spray device is one spray) in 4 hours. Maximum dose in 24 hours is 12 sprays.

SHEA can be taken anytime of day, in fact, SHEA can assist in reducing anxiety or stress, which often lead to insomnia. SHEA contains no ingredients that are known to prevent you from falling asleep.

SHEA has a shelf life of 60 days at room temperature and 1 year in the fridge. You can carry your spray device with you and store the refill cartridge in the fridge.

As for all of our products we do not recommend SHEA for pregnant or lactating women.

We also do not recommend SHEA for phenylketonurics as it contains phenylalanine.

However if you are on antidepressants you can use SHEA and we suggest you start by using SHEA slowly – no more than 2 or maximum 3 sprays at once – and work your way up to the full daily recommended dose. Using SHEA in this way is safe.

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We hope you experience positivity, optimism, and happiness with your new friend SHEA.

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SHEA and the Krew.

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