We have impacted more than 100,000,000 million lives to date.


Mark Effinger


Founder, Chief Product Development Officer

Mark is the genius behind the production of our world class products. With over 20 years experience in nootropics, his passion is palpable.

Stephanie Korour

Head of Business Development

Stephanie has big heart and brilliant mind, that she uses to always create win-win situations for everyone. If you got a problem, yo she can solve it.

Dolan Ramsay

Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Dolan is driven by his desire to serve as many lives as he can on the deepest levels possible. So far, this number is at 100,000,000+ and increasing every day.

Jennifer Sodini

Head Of Social Media

Jennifer is a “Creativity Queen”. She knows how to inspire millions with beautiful images and powerful words.

Aaron Fortner

Chief Strategy Officer

Aaron brings magic to everything he does especially his relationships where he has been able to build flourishing teams of 15,000 or more people playing at their highest level.

Shannon Mackinnon

Head Of Marketing

 Shannon’s spark ignites new opportunities constantly for our company. With a wealth of connections, innovative ideas and wide range of experience the sky is the limit!